INFOLAC Web Award 2005: Best On-line Museums

With the objective of strengthening informal cultural formation in the Latin-American and Caribbean region based on the use of information technologies, the INFOLAC Programme, sponsored by the UNESCO Quito Office and supported by the University of Colima, has convoked the INFOLAC Web Contest 2005 for the Best On-Line Museums. This contest has endorsement from the Presidency of the Dominican Committee of the International Board of Monuments and Historic-Artistic Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Board of Museums for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICOM-LAC).


I.Teams working in areas related to museums using available digital publication to the public via the Internet (websites, portals, weblogs and other similar tools) can participate. The main objective is for these teams to display their permanent and/or temporary collections of art, scientific objects or culture, historic or natural objects, and others that fit the traditional museum concept. The judges of this contest will be authors of such museums in the digital era. The participating teams should have support from the company or institution in which they belong.

A. Opening of convocation: 1 June 2005
B. Closing of convocation: 12 October 2005
C. Final Decision: 30 October 2005
D. Award Distribution: 23 November 2005

A. Best First Place: Participation by a representative of the winning team in the international forum on information technologies “Interfaces 2005”, held at University of Colima, Mexico from 23 to 25 November (includes transportation, meals, accomodations and inscription to forum), where the award will be presented.
B. First place for each category: Recognition from UNESCO, diffusion on the UNESCO and INFOLAC websites, and US$1,000.
C. Finalists (second and third place of each category): Recognition from UNESCO, diffusion on the UNESCO and INFOLAC websites.

A. This is the first time to hold this type of contest, thus we would like to provide equal opportunities for all relevant contributions presented, none of the proposals will be qualified until all sites have been received from participants.
B. It will be noted whether the digital museum have financial support from the government, institutions, businesses or whether it is done as a community with or without financial aid.

The judging panel will include specialists in museums, digital publishing, and information technologies. The final decision will be indisputable.

A. Art Museums
B. Science Museums
C. Diffusion Museums (greater emphasis in appeal than in abundance of contents)
D. Museums that address and/or are created by marginal groups

A. Clarity of message.
B. Efficiency in its user focus (usability) as well as its technical, graphical and organizational focus.
C. Criteria in content inclusion.
D. Appealing to an objective user.
E. Access that allows one to find complementary information.
F. Ease to locate on the web (cataloging, use of metadata, international standards).
G. In line with the UN Millennium Development Goals.

To participate, fill out form on the website.

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