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Project for development of a Cooperative Cataloguing System in
Internet for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (Uruguay)

Reconquista 535, Piso 6º, Montevideo, Uruguay
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1. Long term objectives

· To operate a regional cooperative system among the national agencies of cataloguing and specialized agencies, based on the international standards of interchange of bibliographical, archival and museum records that allows to have the standardized descriptions of the records of the intellectual and cultural production of the Region, the identification of the authors, and the institutions.

· To publish the data bases of catalogues in Internet and CD-ROM, and that these records can be copied by all the institutions of the system without having to pay rights and having no restrictions for the use, distribution and adaptation of these records, in order to really obtain one of the historical goals of the PGI, i.e. the Universal Availability of Publications.

· To provide an affordable way, according to the conditions of the Region, the computational and technical means, and the technical qualification, so that the catalographic systems of the Region in the national networks of public libraries, school libraries, university libraries, etc., can be standardized.

· To extend the flow of information among the countries of the Region as well as between these countries and the developed countries. In this sense the use of operation models that privilege the public access of catalogues will be prioritized.

2. Immediate objectives

· To develop an OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) with Z39.50 interface on CDS/ISIS and/or other platforms of bibliographical data management in the public dominion, that allows the cataloguing, retrieval, download, and conversion of records, between the main variants of MARC and UNISIST.
· To develop a basic methodology, and the needed software applications, for the retrospective conversion of existing catalogues in the diverse formats of the Region in order to take them into the international standards of the MARC and UNISIST family.
· To implement a pilot project for two (2) years in the Region in three to five National Libraries and/or selected focal or thematic Libraries. A WWW Site will be set up in each Library of the project, and the equipment to produce CD-ROMs.

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