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Ministry of Education and Culture Science and Technology Division
Regional Programme for the Strengthening of Co-operation between National
Information Networks and Systems for Latin Americas and the Caribbean

Regional Centre of New Information Technologies

October 1998

1. Long-term Objectives

This project presents the first phase (hereinafter Phase I), or pilot experiment of a longer-term project. All the long-term objectives are included in the framework of the general project; for Phase 1 it will only cover the objectives set out in the section Immediate Objectives. The evaluation of the results of Phase I, which is programmed to last for two years, will give rise to the strategy for approaching the whole project (Phase II) and steps will be taken to obtain the resources necessary to finance the latter.

All of the long-term objectives are (Phase I and Phase II):

To promote the use of and access to information to support cultural and academic activities in the national and regional spheres, in accordance with the objectives of the new mandate of UNESCO’s General Information Programme (PGI): (1)

  1. Memory of the World;
  2. Public Domain On-line;
  3. Virtual Laboratories;
  4. Virtual Learning Communities;
  5. Governability in the Information Era;
  6. Training of Information Specialists;
  7. Libraries and Archives as Footbridges to the Information Highways.

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